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For many who embark upon a journey to stop smoking, the nicotine patch is often an aid prescribed by a doctor. These patches provide nicotine to the body, helping to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that often occur when someone stops smoking. Instead of an oral delivery system, which is used for products like nicotine gum, the patches deliver nicotine to the body through the skin. Some of the most common patch brand names include Nicotrol, Nicoderm CQ and Habitrol.

How are Patches Used?

After your doctor prescribes patches, they are usually prescribed for use once a day. Each day the patch is applied directly to the skin Nicotine Patchand they should be applied around the same time each day. Of course, patches in various strengths are available and your doctor may prescribe the use of these patches for various lengths of time.
When using the nicotine patch, it’s important to carefully follow the specific prescription from your doctor. Using more or less of the patches should not be done without direction from the prescribing doctor.

To apply patches, your skin should be clean and dry. They work best when applied to an area of skin without hair. Most patches direct users to apply them to an area on the hip, upper chest or the upper arm. They should not be applied to broken skin, scars or oily areas of skin. Once applied, the patch is usually worn for 16-24 hours, depending on the doctor’s instructions. After a couple weeks of use, your doctor may prescribe patches of lower strength.

Potential Side Effects

In some cases, these patches may cause side effects in some users. If side effects are noticed repeatedly or they become severe, your doctor should be notified. The most common symptoms include the following:

Swelling or redness where the patch is applied

Rarely, extreme side effects may be experienced. If you experience severe swelling or rash, abnormal heartbeat, problems breathing or seizures you should get medical attention as quickly as possible.

Not For Everyone

It is also important to note that the nicotine patch isn’t for everyone. Nonsmokers, pregnant women and children should never use these patches. They should only be used at the direction of a doctor; however, certain over the counter nicotine options are available.

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