Lung Detoxification Review

Lung Detoxification
by William Reynolds & Mark Freeman

Lung DetoxificationWilliam Reynolds and Mark Freeman are experts in their fields in biology and natural health. Through experience they saw a need to assist ex-smokers rid their lungs of the chemicals and tar caused by smoking. The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide e-book was produced as a guide to speed up the recovery process once you have quit smoking.

The physical and psychological aspects of why you smoke are also addressed thereby helping you along the way to quitting smoking for ever.

There are four guide books in the series, each one jam packed with valuable information for smokers wanting to quit cigarettes and rid their lungs of the tar and toxins accumulated over many years of smoking.

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The Complete Guide Series

Book 1: The Complete Motivations for Lung Health Guide

Book One is all about giving up smoking and covers topics such as:

  • Examining your motivation to smoke
  • Determining the smoking triggers resulting in desire
  • Mental visualization of the positive results once you have decided to quit
  • Taking control of your subconscious
  • Reprogramming your subconscious

All of this is supported with a Motivations Worksheet

Book 2: The Complete Quit Smoking Guide

Book Two gives you an understanding about why you smoke, why you fear and have difficulty in quitting, and resources on how to quit for good.

This book covers topics such as:

  • Why you smoke
  • Physical and mental dependency
  • A call to action
  • Options to break the physical and mental dependency
  • Minimizing stress

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Book 3: The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide

Book Three is about improving your immune system and how to remove the tar from your lungs in just a few weeks.

Some of the topics covered in book 3 are:

  • How to boost your immune system through foods, exercise and vitamin & herbal supplements.
  • What you should avoid when improving your immune system
  • Options to improve your health generally

This book is supported by a Lung Detox Worksheet

Book 4: The Complete Stress Reduction Guide

Book Four defines what stress really is and how to control stress in your life while quitting smoking. In this book you will find topics such as:

  • Stress – your greatest creation and your worst enemy
  • Smoking related stress
  • Your stress triggers
  • Methods to reduce stress
  • Eating habits and its effect upon stress

This book is supported by a Stress Reduction Worksheet

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons.

PROS of Lung Detoxification

When I signed up for this program I was skeptical but prepared to give it a go. Amazingly it was only a few weeks before I noticed a difference and my lungs began to improve. My doctor was astounded at my rate of recovery, so I now feel that I can confidently recommend this method of getting your lungs and body back into shape after years of abuse.

  • It’s all about lung detoxification AND quitting smoking.
  • It’s full of great advice and help which will enable you to handle the quitting process.
  • The program offers excellent expectations for your life after smoking.
  • You’ll find guidance on avoiding the triggers that make you want to smoke.
  • There’s information about diet changes to keep you on track and improve your health generally.

The final outcome is healthy lungs resulting in longevity.

CONS of Lung Detoxification

There aren’t really too many cons, but the one thing I struggled with was the fact that I had to change some of my eating habits and adjust a few bad lifestyle traits. In fairness that’s more of a problem with me than with the program.

It’s an eBook so you’ll need a computer to access the information.

It will take several weeks before you begin to see results from following this program.


I was VERY impressed by the huge amount of quality information within the program. The step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow.

William Reynolds and Mark Freeman’s comprehensive and well planned guide will not only greatly assist you in quitting, it will also supply the necessary tools and motivation for your body to recover from the adverse effects of smoking.

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P.S. The Lung Detoxification guide has been a top selling program for a couple of years, so I’m not the only one who’s been impacted by it!

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