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Smokers Lungs – The Hard Truth
This page was updated on The Price of Smoking The lungs of smokers change in structure, function, and appearance over the course of smokers’ lives. The problems in smokers lungs can be categorized as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an umbrella term that encompasses two major conditions: chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Chronic Bronchitis Chronic [...]
Nicotine Patch
Important Product Information For many who embark upon a journey to stop smoking, the nicotine patch is often an aid prescribed by a doctor. These patches provide nicotine to the body, helping to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that often occur when someone stops smoking. Instead of an oral delivery system, which is used for products like nicotine gum, the patches deliver nicotine to the body through [...]
Electronic Cigarette – How Safe Are They?
Do E-Cigarettes Offer Safer Smoking? The electronic cigarette, often referred to as an e-cigarette, offers an alternative to traditional smoking. Some marketers claim it offers a safer way to smoke, while other companies offer it as a device to help smokers quit the nicotine habit. Before deciding to try the e-cigarette, consumers must be aware of the delivery system, potential dangers and the FDA’s [...]
Chantix Side Effects Explained
Chantix (Champix): The Anti-Smoking Drug Many smokers take the drug Chantix in an effort to quit. People who have used Chantix are four times more likely to have given up smoking after three months than smokers who have not used Chantix, and after a year it increases to three times as likely. Despite the efficacy of Chantix as an anti-smoking aid, Chantix side effects must be taken into account [...]
Smoking Facts
Important Facts Everyone Should Know Smokers and non-smokers alike need to be aware of the facts behind smoking. While many people are aware that smoking can have negative impacts, many fail to realize the true effects it can have on their health. The following are important smoking facts that everyone should know. Understanding the facts could save your life. Health Risk Facts Cigarette smoking [...]
Quit Smoking Timeline – Benefits and Obstacles
On the quit smoking timeline, people experience numerous stages with physical and psychological consequences: Day One Within twenty minutes of quitting smoking, blood pressure, pulse rate, and the temperatures of smokers’ hands and feet return to normal levels. Some smokers experience problems with concentration and feelings of nausea, but these are temporary. After eight hours, blood carbon [...]
Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms
This page was updated on Just what are the nicotine withdrawal symptoms? There are quite a few of them, and you may not have all of them at the same time. Some people like to compare the symptoms you get after withdrawing from nicotine to the kinds of withdrawal problems that people get when they try to stop using drugs. After all, both nicotine and drugs are addictive substances, and withdrawal [...]
Quitting Smoking Side Effects
It turns out that the quitting smoking side effects are very diverse and plentiful. This means that smokers, if they truly get to a point in their lives where they honestly want to stop smoking, have to deal with the additional ravages of a bunch of challenging side effects that will make their lives somewhat hard, at least for a little while. According to the website called Quit Smoking Support, which [...]
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