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Nicotine Gum – Does it Work?
Smoking Cessation With Nicotine Gum The process of quitting smoking in definitely a hard one. There are different avenues that are used to help people with the smoking cessation. One of these is the use of Nicotine gum, which delivers nicotine to the body via the bloodstream. The nicotine is absorbed by the tissues of the mouth. This gum is available over-the-counter and is used by people in place [...]
Smoking and Breastfeeding – Your Baby Is In Danger
Health Risks Linked to Smoking and Breastfeeding Breastfeeding can be a pleasing experience for new moms and their babies. Breast milk will help protect the infant from various infectious diseases. If you're among the women who successfully quit smoking while pregnant, it's important to know that 75-80% start-up again after giving birth. If you decide to start smoking again, be aware that toxic [...]
Smoking While Pregnant – The Awful Facts
Evidence Based Facts: Smoking while Pregnant Smoking while pregnant is a dangerous pleasure. If ever a woman could be inspired to put away smoking paraphernalia and find a substitute, such as knitting little booties, pregnancy extends that opportunity. Most people know some of the adverse health effects of smoking, but few are aware of health consequences pregnant smokers pose to their unborn child. Lung [...]
Women and Smoking – The Cruel Truth
Female Health: Women and Smoking Women who smoke find it more difficult to quit than their male counterparts. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine found that a woman's brain responds to nicotine receptors that support the smoking habit in a different way. Nicotine receptors in the brain increase in number in both genders. Researchers were surprised to find that while male smokers [...]
Smokers Cough – The Salient Facts
Most of us are familiar with the annoying sound effects of smokers cough, whether or not we smoke. Repetitive coughing not only aggravates the person who smokes, it's maddening to bystanders Let's explore causes and consequences of smoker's cough. Definition Career smokers develop a persistent cough. Smokers have a distinctive kind of cough that sounds like mucous is rattling in their airways. [...]
Teenage Smoking
Consequences of Teenage Smoking Although teenage smoking statistics were on a downward trend in 2012, many continue to light up, even knowing the consequences. Peer Pressure One thing that never seems to change is the "everybody's doing it" mentality. Acceptance and popularity is the name of the teen game. Getting accepted by a clique is vitally important and if the group smokes...oh well. Teenagers [...]
Nicotine Addiction
Nicotine Addiction is Real Researchers have found that nicotine acts on the same area of the brain as cocaine or heroin. If you smoke, consider this: after you finish a cigarette, your body immediately exhibits withdrawal symptoms, causing you to crave another cigarette. You must smoke another and another and another. Does this sound familiar? Nicotine addiction is real. Changes in brain receptors [...]
Quit Smoking Tips
Empower Yourself: Quit Smoking Tips Smoking cigarettes is an addiction. The nicotine in cigarettes bestows a short-lived high. Quitting smoking will put your physical body into a withdrawal state and simultaneously, you'll experience psychological cravings for nicotine. If you really, truly desire to stop smoking it will be necessary to make certain behavioral changes and cope with symptoms of withdrawal. Here [...]
Why You Should Quit Smoking
This page was updated on Do you ever ask yourself WHY you should quit cigarettes? Smoke inhalation causes harm to nearly every organ in the body. It is estimated that 60 to 80% of deaths caused by fire is through smoke inhalation. The main chemicals emitted during such fires that cause death are Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide. Both of these chemicals stop the transportation of oxygen to the body [...]
Second Hand Smoke – Get The Facts
Today second hand smoke, often referred to as environmental tobacco smoke, has become a serious topic, especially as more health concerns are brought to light. While many people have thought that only smokers were affected by smoking, newer studies have confirmed that exposure to this smoke can affect non-smokers in many ways. What is It? First, it’s important to understand what second hand smoke [...]
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